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Darren Wilson’s jury
9 white
3 black

number of votes needed to get him off
9 out of 12

Coincidence….Um no.

The town is 60% black and you could only find 3 blacks to serve on this jury? 


I mean, hell. You could have made it “fair:” 6 whites and 6 blacks. 

Or even just 6 non white people, they don’t all need to be black people but seriously. Provide a fair fucking jury.

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miranda lawson:
[spends 2 years directing a project to resurrect you]
miranda lawson:
[personally oversees and assists in a large portion of the work done on your corpse]
miranda lawson:
[saves you from being killed AGAIN when the lab is attacked, prioritising your safety over her own]
miranda lawson:
[can't really be bothered to be your BFF right now after being shot at on your behalf all day, but only for about 20 minutes]
miranda lawson:
[is perfectly pleasant once youre on the normandy and everything is settled down]
omfg what a colossal bitch